Ever wanted to turn your house into your own little jungle? You can do just that with these easy care plants. I have always been a plant addict. Even before we had this flat, I have tried to include plants in my space I was living in. Not only are plants proven to reduce stress levels, it is a great way to breath some fresh air into your space. Some plants even help to purify the air.

Before the lockdown, my plant collection included, a moth orchid, two sunflowers (Bert and Ernie), Madagascar dragon tree, seven different cacti, three aloe veras.

The recent lock-down had me fiddling with my thumbs so I opted to buy more plants to turn our space into our own little jungle. I think we now have over 20 plants in our house.

Since, I know being a plant parent is very in right now, I thought I would share some hope and inspiration with these easy to care/ hardy plants I had experience with which should help shake things up and bring some greenery into your space.

One of the main lessons to learn with all house plants is to make sure that your plant pot has proper drainage. Again this helps to reduce your plant sitting in water which means that your plant is over-watered and also encourages root rot and if this isn’t fixed you may end up killing your plant.

Snake plant

This is one of the easiest plants to have plus it looks pretty. If you live in a space that doesn’t get much sunlight or harsh winters, this plant is perfect. The snake plant requires less watering in the summer and even sparse watering in the winter. In the summer, you only water it when the soil is almost bone dry. The snake plant will forgive you if you forget to water it – making it one of the best plants for new plant parents.

Cactus/ succulents

Like snake plants, cactus and/ succulents (like Aloe vera) is very easy to take care of. As long as they have proper drainage and you water when the soil is almost bone dry and have plenty of sunlight, these plants are happy. Remember these plants are drought tolerant so they forgive if you sometimes forget to water them .

Devil’s ivy

The devil’s ivy is another plant that works in a space that has partial sunlight and part shade. So, if you live in a space that doesn’t get enough direct sunlight, this plant will thrive. Just make sure the nursery pot has proper drainage or use a terracotta pot with a hole at the bottom so that the excess water drains out of the pot. So, your plant isn’t sitting water. I water mine when the top 2 inch of soil is dry. I sometimes water when I see my plant looking droopy.

This plant is trailing plant and a fast grower. You can always train your plant to climb the walls or you can introduce a moss pole if you don’t want the plant climbing the walls.

Monstera deliciousa

Monstera deliciousa (commonly known as the Swiss cheese plant) is one of my favourite plants. With its unique natural cut out holes on its leaves. The baby is a very popular house plant. It is a fast grower and it can grow to be huge monster. This plant is happy in partial shade. You could also give it a maximum of an hour morning sunlight everyday or once a week and they’re happy and will grow big and strong.

Watering this plant is easy. As long as you make sure the plant is in a pot with holes, you only need to water it thoroughly every week or so when the top 2 inch of soil is dry. You can also fertilise this plant every two weeks in the summer. In the winter, plants is dormant so you only water probably monthly – when the soil is dry but you do not fertilise this plant. If you do, you could kill it!!

One of the best thing about this plant is once it is mature with lots of ariel roots, you can tame this beast by taking cuttings with aerial roots, propagate them and give them to friends or you can put the newly developed roots into soil and voila you have yourself a new monstera deliciousa plant.

Chinese evergreen

This plant works for those spaces that doesn’t get much sunlight. Chinese evergreen is a shade loving plant. They come in two variety red and green. I have the red variety and i water mine when the top 2 inch of soil is dry. I tend to fertilise my plant monthly in the summer and in the winter, just like the other plants, i water it sparingly when the top layer of the soil is dry and I don’t fertilise it in the winter because the plant is dormant.

Fiddle leaf fig

Fiddle leaf fig is another house plant favourite. I have found this plant to be very easy to care for. As long as you water it right and give it the right amount of sunlight, Fiddle will thrive. Like the other plants, fiddle needs watering when its top layer of soil is dry. Please make sure the nursery pot has lots of drainage holes so that this plant isn’t left sitting in water and also stops you over-watering it.

Chinese money plant

Chinese money plant is a great option worth looking at if you’re into the look of beautiful, apparently lucky plant. It is also a air purifying plant that is great to add to the bedroom or lounge. It is easy to care for. It needs water when the top layer of it soil is dry and it needs fertilising every month. And in the winter time you water it sparingly and you do not fertilise ever in the winter because that will very likely kill the plant. It is a partial shade loving plant and will be happy if you give it an hour of early morning or late evening sunlight.

Fun fact, like the monstera deliciousa plant, this plant is easy to propagate, you can give the little babies that grow in the plant pot to friends once its adapted fro being separate from the parent plant. Or you can plant it in a smaller pot and watch it grown to give you more babies. Basically, if this plant is happy it will reward you with many babies.

Kentia palm

The kentia plam is another air purifying plant. So this bad boy is usually placed in our bedroom. There are many reasons to have this plant in your life. Apart from bringing the outdoors in, this plant looks tropical af. They require water when the top soil is dry and love partial shade plant. So you can give them early morning or late evening sunlight. You can fertilise them once a month. And do remember to make sure that the plant is in nursery pot with plenty of drainage holes so that this plant isn’t left sitting in water. This plant will reward you with its beautiful tropical foliage if it is happy.

Ceropegia woodii (aka string of hearts)

This beauty is one another favourite of mine. She is a trailing plant that is incredibly easy to care for and is a fast grower. All she needs to grow is a good sunlight exposure, a good watering system (only water when the top soil is dry or when the soil is almost bone dry), fertilise her once a month in the summer and remember not to fertilise her in the winter time. She is a plant that thrives better in a space with bright sunlight, so if your space doesn’t get bright light then she may not be for you.

Madagascar dragon plant

Love this plant. It is hardy af – so hardy that he can handle cold rooms (not sure of the lowest temperature he can handle). I water him when his soil is almost bone dry. I fertilise him once a month and put him in partial shade and he also loves being misted.

Ficus tineke

Another favourite of mine, he is a fast grower, loves the sunlight, a little misting here and there to increase the humidity, some fertiliser every two weeks in the summer time and again gets water when the top 2 inch of his soil is dry. He has rewarded me with some new growths. I got him as a bay and he is now almost a teenagers 🙂 I know it won’t be long before he is fully grown and giving me some shade.

Moth orchid

The moth orchid is one of the easiest orchids that you can ever have. She takes bottom soaking or water over the bark when her bark is almost bone dry. I fertilise her once a month and she is usually placed on a west facing window so she gets enough sunlight to help her grow strong and reward me with some bloom-age. If you forget to water her, she is also another plant that is very forgiving.

The lock-down made me do it

Since the lock down, I have just been adding to my plant collection and I cannot wait for the shops to open and for things to go back to some sort of normality so that I can go on the search for some more cool and rare plants.

My planspiration

Looking for some plantspiration?? Pinterest is one of my biggest inspiration when it comes to plants placements. Check out my plant board for some inspiration <3 <3

I am forever on the hunt for cold tolerant/ shade plants for our study and so send me some plant suggestions.

What are some of your favourite house plants?


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