In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we in the UK and in other parts of the world are now being asked to wear face masks in shops, pubs and in any public spaces. This is a need which not only protects those wearing the masks, it also protects others that person comes in contact with. Now more than ever, we must stay safe because this pandemic if any of the new infection rate figures are to go by, shows that the coronavirus is not yet through with us. So, I implore you to stay safe and please protect yourself!

Because we are still knee deep in this pandemic, there are many research which shows that wearing a face mask helps to reduce the spread of COVID, so we all have to make sure that we do our best to protect ourselves by wearing a mask or face covering in public spaces. Since mask wearing or face covering is to become mandatory, we should of course make sure that we are prepared for this eventuality. And there are many face masks which you can purchase online. Below are ways to find out where to buy washable and reusable face masks.

“If you don’t take care of yourself, the undertaker will overtake that responsibility for you.”


For those of you who want a mask that does what its supposed to without all the bells and whistles of colour, thread count etc. There are of course plenty masks out there to choose from. Amazon is you friend, we bought two masks that were very inexpensive and they also came with filters. We bought a black one because we needed ones that would go with everything and black goes with everything.

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It wouldn’t be a post on here if i didn’t include a selection of funky colourful masks. I have a pair of wacky prints which makes lifts me up every time I wear mine. I have invested in a reusable mask because I can use it for years to come if need me. And you know with these jazzy selection, you are bound to get the odd looks when out and about. There are so many wacky printed masks and I am sure you’ll find your perfect pair if you really wanted to. I have also included a selection that you can get for your children or your nieces and nephews.

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Staying true to my new bid to becoming more sustainable, I had to make sure to include masks that are good for you and for the environment. I know these are just face masks but you must remember that every little helps so, we should all try to be more ethical in our lives 🙂 I have selected a few masks that appear to be sustainable and there are a few jazzy printed masks so you can spice up your loo with one of these.

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“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.”


I found this link which to a Google search which shows super easy ways to make your own mask at home.

How prepared are you for face masks this summer?


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