I’ve been saying I’ll do it for years, and never quite got round to it, but after years and years of procrastinating, I thought it was about time I start my own. Friday 5th December saw the birth of colur – my very own online shop.

Right at the beginning of 2020 – a much simpler time – I began researching on the best possibly way to start a sustainably candle / accessories business. Putting pen to paper to my long, long list of creative hobbies, and what do you know, this one actually stuck. colur is essentially a space to source affordable sustainable products. We have just lunched our OG’s collection of candles names after some of our favourite songs with the scents to match our mood when we listen to these songs. Our candles are made using 100% soy wax with 100% natural essential oils – with nasties, no artificial colours or chemicals or paraffin. Which fits in pretty well with my interiors obsession.

I have been making colourful scrunchies for a good few years now since a found a new love of sewing a while back. But I lost the passion for it sometime not too long ago, which I am not sure why. But I did really miss it and I wanted to incorporate it into something else that I wouldn’t get bored of. Enter, colour! – space for me to make and showcase sustainable eco-friendly products. I currently have a few hand poured, handmade candles as well as bath salts and hair scrunchies (for now) – more candles, bath salts and hair accessories coming soon – and I have personally deigned all of the candles, bath salts and scrunchies myself, all with a aromatherapeutic benefits to fit into any home; rented or owned, big or small.

I am not going to keep banging on about it too much here, because let us face it , the proof is in the punch. So, if you fancy seeing what i have been spending the past year creating, head over to colur or scroll through @wearecolur on instagram. And if you are not that interested, i shall see you soon for another blog post!

colur aromatherapy candles

relax take it easy

Please find below a preview of our current candle collection.

To shop the full collection, please visit colur!

Stay safe guys ✌🏼



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