It doesn’t mater how you slowly you go as long as you don’t stop

The honest truth is that I sometimes find it hard, to take the time to look after my mental health. Because I am currently joggling working full-time and doing university part-time taking time out doesn’t really seem like an option for me. As I feel like i am always playing catch-up either in social life, social media or anything that isn’t about my job or my university.

I attended a mindfulness session once because I thought i could use some help. Which helped but only for the short-time because I couldn’t find the time to mediate. I have even gone to the extent to download apps that are supposed to help, I didn’t find them very helpful because i felt they weren’t interactive enough. And although, I know that I am supposed to take time out and re energise myself, this was proving very difficult.

I started taking yoga classes at my local gym which worked surprisingly well and I developed the yoga bug. So, during the nationwide lock-down because of the coronavirus pandemic, I turned to YouTube to get my daily yoga fix. I started doing 30 day at home yoga journey with Yoga with Adriene which I have been loving. Plus, I am doing it in the comfort of our flat.

I have also been taking the time to complete The Positive Planner which I have had for a while. But again, I didn’t have the time to do it. And now because of nationwide social distancing rule, all those who are essential workers and or those who are vulnerable are all being asked to work from home. So, I have no better time than now to use all the tools available to me to help improve my mental well-being.

The Positive Planner

I went into our nationwide lock-down feeling like its the end of the world. Which in a way it is but now because of these rules, I have the time to take care of myself. I know it looks like humanity may not recover from this outbreak anytime soon, I am hopeful that we will come of this pandemic changed for the better. Because human beings are stronger and more resilient beings. So, please be hopeful and take care of yourself and stay safe.

When things go back to normal, please take time out and look after your mental well-being!!

How have you been taking care of your mental well-being during this coronavirus pandemic?


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