NYX Got Me Bad

When it comes to liquid liners, I have a few brands in my stash, but the NYX liners are unlike any I’ve tried before. After years of ogling at NYX products online, I can finally pop into my local boots and shop to my heart’s desire. When i saw these liners, I had to have them because I have been wanting to try these two vivid brights for quite a while but they had run out at the other boots store. It was pure luck when i saw them at a smaller boots store. These liners are very pigmented and deliver bold colour every time, lasts for ages ( I haven’t worn it for whole day) and it stays put in one lace. Today I am sharing with you my thoughts because these liners have become my favourite liners to use (when i decide to use a liner)Vivid Fire| (a reddish pink on my skin-tone) was the first colour I bought because it was the colour that caught my eyes; its perfect colour to add a bit of summer brightness to any makeup look. It dries drying matte shade and its doesn’t budge after it dries. Vivid Sapphire| This is a beautiful royal blue colour and just like Vivid Fire, it dries to a matte once applied and doesn’t smudge. Which is a massive plus for anyone who loves wearing eyeliners because you don’t want your eye liner embarrassingly mapped on you eye lid.Vinyl Liquid Liner| I have been wanting to try out their black liquid liners for ages and when I finally saw that they had this in stock, i almost ran to pick it up (it was the last one left). I wasn’t sceptical at all about trying on another NYX liquid liner. When applied, it dries to a beautiful black shade that doesn’t look too matte nor too shiny (its the perfect black shade). Out of all of the colours I picked, this is one of favourite because its perfect black shade and it goes well with any and every makeup look – for me colour eyeliners are harder to work around.I am thinking of trying the curve liner but it looks very complicated for a liner beginner like myself – have you tried this liner? Is it as complicated to handle as it looks ?

What is your favourite NYX liquid liners?






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