An Easy Meal For The Not So Savvy Cook

For me cooking is the best way to relax and save money. So when I discovery an easier cheaper way to do stir fry I wasn’t only excited but I saw pound signs exploding in my mind thinking about the pounds  I am going to save from getting takeaway every week. Being a student on limited income I am always and forever grateful whenever I find a way to save money and eat food.

  1. add to bowl a pan of water or if you’re like me and you don’t have time to sit and wait you boil the water in the kettle and add it to the sauce pan
  2. add the noodles to the boiled water and leave on a low heat for about 3 minutes, remove from the hob, strain and leave on the strainer on the side.
  3. on a separate hob, add to a fry pan (or wok) a dash of olive oil and leave it until its piping hot and then add the bag of stir fry; leave for 2 minutes
  4. add the cooked sea food selection
  5. then add a pinch of salt, pepper, mixed herbs and leave for about 2 minutes
  6. finally add the noodles to the stir fry and work the two together using a fork and once its all worked up, turn off the hob and leave on hot for about a minute. 

Remove from hot hob and voila!! You’re done and ready to eat some noodle 🙂

What do you think of my quick stir fry recipe? Is it money saving quick or not! 🙂
I hope you found this post very helpful.




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