How To Feel Motivated When You’ve Got The Blues

Because it’s January (it is generally accepted that this month is one of the month when people are mostly more blue than ever apart from December) and I am feeling kinda blue so I thought it would be fun to change things up a bit and share with you five things that help me get back to normal sunny-side-up daily dealings.

Stick one your favourite movies or TV shows| watching something (to name a few Harry Porter( any of them because I am a massive Porter fan), Amelie, 10 Things I Hate About You etc. I sometime even like watching inspiring movies like The Help (basically love movies by Viola Davis (she inspires me she reminds me so much of my mum)- talking about Viola Davis, have you seen How to get away with murder? Isn’t it a great show? It always keeps my eyes glued on the screen 🙂Get some fresh air| This works almost every time. I like to go for a quick walk around the block which helps to clear my mind, helps to calm down and help me focusWrite down your thoughts| writing down your thoughts and not you just sitting there and thinking why are I am not motivated to work isn’t very productive at all it just makes things worse. I find that when I write down what’s in on mind, it helps to clear out my mind from cluttered thoughts which in turn helps me focus as well as sometime it helps me find out why I am feeling blue.Another show stopper for me is cooking| I am not the greatest cooks so I usually cook for myself anyways because I don’t want to poison people. Cooking for myself is such a great way to relax and I always look forward to enjoying the spoils of my hard work within a couple of minutes. If you’re not much of a cook, maybe baking in your niche then bake some goodies and munch your heart out.  please don’t order takeout because that sometimes doesn’t work and eating or binge on junk food will make you feel even heavier.One last way to help keep me motivated is by talking to my mother| She’s not always understanding but she always puts my head back in the game. Maybe you and your mum are not that close, I would suggest speaking to someone who always never fails inspires you and is there to listen and inject some sunshine back into you. It can be a friend who makes you laugh or a family member who you are able to talk to.Do you have any suggestions to help get rid of the blues?

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