Birchbox: April 2015

This month’s box was full of many new discoveries,  which I am sure you’ll love to hear about so let’s get started.  
Percy & Reed; Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational Volumising No Oil £14.00
A hair oil not only protects damaged hair strand but also inject some moisture, it helps to strengthen the hair and also adds volume and can be used as a heat protecting treating. Like I mentioned earlier all the samples I received in this month’s box was a discovery, so kudos to the ladies at Birchbox. I have heard of Percy & Reed. However, I had not yet tried any of their products. The sample size is more than enough introduction to the brand. Honestly, I have not used this that much on my weave. I am waiting to try it on my afro because that needs more moisture, care and attention. Notes so far: It smells divine and leaves my hair with a natural shine. I have not noticed the extra volume yet maybe it come with continued use….. I will buy this product again and try others from this brand. I was sold on the smell and overall benefit of the product 🙂
Pommade Divine Nature’s Remedy Balm £19.80
I have never heard of this brand, so I was happy to have to try it out. The Pommade balm is made up of 97% natural ingredients. It helps to rehydrate, protect, soothe and relieve. This balm is very oily, takes some time to be absorbed into the skin and smells very herby. However, it does rehydrate, soothe and relieve the skin. I used this on my feet because it needs extra care after a long day of work. 

Laura Mercier Kohl Eye Pencil in Black Violet £17.50
For Apil’s box, subscribers were given the chance to choose one Laura Mercier product, from a selection of three. I wanted to try the foundation primer, but because they had sold out, I was sent the mascara and the kohl pencil instead. The Kohl pencil is very pigmented, very rich in colour and easy to apply, glides like a dream. 
Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume Supreme Mascara £19.50
I really, really love this mascara.The first time I tried this on, I absolutely loved it…..I know, It is only small but it is very effective, my lashes felt like it was in heaven. I will definitely buy the full size. 
Lola Barcelona‘s Nail Polish (Rambla) £7.50
Tried and tested  and I love the packaging, colour and product. Very spring! and ideal season nail friend 🙂 Yet another brand discovery.
bliss fabulous foaming face wash £19.50
Bliss was another new brand discovery and I was very pleased with this face wash…. It smells like bubblegum hmmm. Takes me back to my hubba bubba bubblegum chewing day (soz for the nostalgic moment here people) and it cleansed my face very well without drying. 
Inner Me Beauty & The Green Coffee Bean £10.00
A capsule combining a host of antioxidants boosting vitamins with matcha green tea and the green coffee bean.
How to use: Swallow a capsule daily with water after or with a meal.
Since I can remember I have been afraid of taking capsules and am afraid to say that I haven’t really grown out of it. So am leaving this to try out when one is feeling very brave.
Thanks Birchbox, for introducing me to some many brands!!
That’s all folks 🙂


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