How to| Style a Silk Wrap Dress






Autumn is the time when people tend to put on more layers. For me, Autumn is a time for you to start planning your party outfits; basically, the end of October is the countdown to party months starting with Halloween and ending with New Year. I on the other hand always struggle to stay warm and dress hot in the cold months, for many who don’t drive and depend on public transport to get from point A-B. It can be very hard to pull to dress sensibly when it’s cold… as the party season is almost upon us, I  decided to do this little put together with this gorgeous dress from Brandattic. I love this dress, the colour, the texture and everything except for the fact that my boobs are on show…Its just screams sexy and screams party outfit!! I love how easy it was to style and all you would need to stay warm and toastie is a nice jacket.
I hope you like this look- I know it’s not the warmest outfit… the dress is such a beautiful rose gold/peachy colour and all you would need to keep warm is a nice warm jacket to stay warm and fuzzy!
Are you looking forward to the party months!!
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