Black Friday Deals… Are you ready to shop?

Amazon introduced Black Friday Deals to the UK about four years ago, and as a nation, we’ve never looked back. Promotions have rocketed with more and more retailers getting involved.  

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So it’s definitely time to shop, but successful Black Friday shopping takes a bit of strategy. 

  1. First things first, know your dates! Black Friday is the 28th of November  (yes, it’s on pay day)
  2. Starting early – This year, because of massive competition, some retailers (amazon) will be starting early. If you’ve got favourite shop, be prepared to start your shopping early.
  3. Take advantage of it – Christmas is coming and you need gifts. Use Black Friday promotions to get them early and save £££.
  4. Don’t get sidetracked – This is serious business! Make your list in advance and stick to it as much as you can.
  5. Do so safely! With all the craziness and so much hype over deals. If you’re in-stores, be sure zipped up your bags and or purse (keep all your belongings secure). And or if you’re shopping on-line, make sure the site is secure (you should see a padlock symbol at the bottom of the page or top on Windows computers or laptops). 
  6. Gift receipts – You may think you bought the perfect gifts for your friends and or families, get a gift receipt – just in case.
Black Friday is here. 

         Take advantage of these deals while they’re hot.  




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