– Summer Selection –

I am a sucker for accessories! They can complete a look as well as give an outfit that extra oomph to make it more glamourous. I was browsing through Lyla Loves site when  I spotted a few items I thought I must add to my wishlist.

For those who don’t know about the company or site. Lyla Loves are a London- based company that sells a variety of accessories at surprisingly affordable prices. The most expensive item I have seen so far costs £25. So it’s only natural to have some of their statement pieces on my wish list.
Dainty White & Pink Rose Hair Garland
Light Blue Lapis Beaded Tassel Layered Necklace
Hope Pendant
Silver Crane Pendant
Open Crystal Bars Ring
Crystal Knot Bracelet

Delicate Purple Mixed Cord Bracelet
Mixed Summer Metallic Tattoo Pack
Blue Fringe Studded Bag
Gold Multi Head Chain
Large English Garden Purple Floral Garland
Charm Necklace Metallic Tattoo Pack

Click—–> here for site details.

Did you like any of my choices? Please leave your thoughts and comments below….
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