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Studded Details


Hello from the other side! I hope you’re having a good day. Today’s post is a review of some accessories  I was sent by bodyjewelleryshop.com. They basically offer affordable jewellery and accessories at very affordable prices… visit their website here to find out more about the company. 
I was sent three items, two ear cuffs and one earrings. The pictures above don’t really do them just but they are very minimal but it does add some character to your ear.
Although it looks inexpensive my ears didn’t turn green when I wore them. I didn’t much like these studs because they just have glitters on them when I thought I would have received ones with crystals…though it still looks very good on.
I have been meaning to try on some ear cuffs lately and this was the most affordable way I could try them and I was pretty satisfied with what I received.
This is my favourite of all the items I received.. it’s just screams wear me ? 
It’s very stylish and adds some much needed bling to my ear. 
These cuffs are my second fav and its 


All in all I was really pleased with all the items I received and for the price of each it’s a bargain. ..they are all very easy to adjust to any ear size and or shape and are very stylish on. 
If you have been meaning to try on some cuffs at very affordable prices I would highly recommend you give this site a try as they offer even belly button studs.
Body Jewellery Shop have some amazing jewellery to choose f
Thanks for stopping by.
Have a fab day wherever you find yourself today,

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