Star Jessie J : Glamour January 2015 Cover

Jessie J seems to be doing it all. Dominating both the US and UK music charts as a singer and songwriter, creating exciting plans for the future and working on being in love with current boyfriend R&B Singer Luke James.

Jessie J bares her bottom for Glamour in a pair of denim chaps. She did, however, leave something to the imagination in her shoot, unlike Kim K who went totally nude in her attempt to “break the internet”.

Photographs by Damon Baker
Photo from: Glamour Magazine UK

In the interview, Jessie said she is proud to be an ambitious woman.

“You get one life.” she said  “You can’t be like, ‘I haven’t got a dick so I’ll sit back and be quiet and let everyone else do the work.’  I’m good at what I do, so I should enjoy every aspect of it. …..I’m nearly 27 and I’m nowhere near done. I feel like I’ve only just got my foot in the door.” 

Photographs by Damon Baker
Photo from: Glamour Magazine UK 
Asked about her plans for the future she said  “I want to do charity stuff, a line of perfume, another book.  I’d like to write an inspirational book, an acoustic album, have kids, and get married….I want to buy my mum and dad a house outright…. ”

She dismissed accusations that she is “abandoning” the UK for America, she said “that’s complete and utter ballbags.” but said she is spending time there to further her career and should not be criticised for it “……but.. hope people can support that I’m having a moment in my career where another country is excited and I have to be there to make it happen.”

The full interview is in the January issue of Glamour, is out Thursday December 4, 2014.

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