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It’s almost the end of 2014 and because i am anal when it comes to planning. I had a very busy searching the interweb looking and finding news relating to films I have wanted to see. I must confess that there are quite a few movies I am so excited to see finally. 

The Interweb has been loaded with lots of talks of some of these very very big blockbusters releases next year. So I hope they all live up to the hype because I have been burnt before and no one likes to be disappointed especially when it comes to movies.

Here are some of the the films I’d like to see in January 2015.

The Theory of Everything (2014)
Theory of Everything.jpg
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The Theory of Everything is a British biographical romantic drama film directed by James Marsh and adapted by Anthony McCarten from the memoir Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen by Jane Wilde Hawking, which looks at her relationship with her ex-husband, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, his diagnosis of motor neuron disease, and his success in physics.
The film stars Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones in the lead role with Charlie Cox, Emily Watson, Simon McBurney, Christian McKay, and David Thewlis in supporting roles.
This film is due for release on Thursday 1st January 2015.

Taken 3 (2015)

Taken 3 is an upcoming 2015 action thriller film directed by Olivier Megaton and written by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen. It is the sequel to the 2012 film Taken 2 and the third and final film in the Taken trilogy. The film stars Liam NeesonMaggie GraceFamke Janssen and Forest Whitaker.

I am very much looking forward to where the story takes us next. With Liam Neeson in the lead role again; the ultimate action hero, doting father and a loving husband but can be very very deadly when you mess with his family. 

Taken 3 will be released in UK cinemas on Friday 9th January 2015.

Into the Woods (2014)
Into the Woods(2014) is an American musical fantasy film directed by Rob Marshall and produced by Walt Disney Pictures.  Adapted to the screen by James Lapine from his and Stephen Sondheim’s Tony Award–winning Broadway musical of the same name. 
It’s cast includes Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, James Corden, Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine, Tracey Ullman, Christine Baranski, Lilla Crawford, Daniel Huttlestone, MacKenzie Mauzy, Billy Magnussen, and Johnny Depp. 
The story is fantasy genre crossover centred on a childless couple, who set out to end a curse placed on them by a vengeful witch. Inspired by the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales of “Little Red Riding Hood”, “Cinderella”, “Jack and the Beanstalk”, and “Rapunzel”.
Funnily enough Into the Woods is also due for release in UK Cinemas on Friday 9th January 2015.

American Sniper (2014)
American Sniper
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From director Clint Eastwood comes a biographical action film “American Sniper,” written by Jason Dean Hall starring Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle, the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history. It is based on Chris Kyle‘s autobiography of the same name. Also stars Sienna Miller with Luke GrimesKyle GallnerSam JaegerJake McDorman and Cory Hardrict in supporting roles.

Due for release on Friday 16th January 2015.

Which film(s) are you looking forward to see next year?? 
Please leave your thoughts and comments below.
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