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The Face Masks

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It’s the little things in life that makes us happy. I always try and find happiness in the things that I do to take care of my skin and having a mask moment is one of favourite me time moment. I know some may think me vain; I work way to hard and having me time helps me to focus and relax and get my self back to a normal state of thinking.

These are the current favourites masks I use to detoxify, cleanse  and breath some life back into my face. I try and use one of these masks at least once a week, it had now become part of my weekly skincare routine. Each mask has different purpose and I have really seen some major skincare improvement since I’ve incorporated the weekly mask moments into my regime.

The Aztec Clay– i used mostly to clarify my hair and one day I was bored, so I mixed the usual mixture (apple cider vinegar and the clay) I used on my hair and applied it on my face. I loved how radiant and clean my face felt afterwards. I usually apply and leave it to dry on my face; wash off with lukewarm water and face is revived.

Lush Dark Angels Mask – I use usually at night, as it has nourishing oils that helps to soften, cleanse  and doesn’t dry out the skin. I apply directly onto my face even with makeup on and scrub away. It helps to minimise breakouts and it good for oily/combination skin. One tip though, please make sure you scrub the sink and or tub after use because one drop on the floor or sink is very hard to wash away with just water.
Another favourite is the Caudalie Gylgolic Peel Mask; I love using this mask to help brighten and help to bring life onto my face. After use my skin looks and feel radiant and my pores appears smaller. I usually apply on my face and then leave it to dry and then wash off with lukewarm water, then i apply my face cream. This mask is my instant face lift in a tube and i use whenever I feel my face needs somethings extra to wake it up.

The last and final mask of the moment is Rosee Du Matin Mask. I use this colour changing mask is my favourite just because it changes colour and it like all the other masks helps to brighten, refresh and revive the skin. It’s my everyday mask, because it is very light more fun to use.

What things have you started doing to help you relax and help you get back to normality? what are your favourite mask(s) to use to help you unwind?
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Caudalie #mysweetsorbet – The New Skin Care Favourites

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Hello again and welcome back. Its a pleasure to have you here. I hope you’re having a fantastic day. Today’s post is a quickie update on some new skincare staples and I was itching to share this with you. When I was asked if I could try out some new products from Caudalie; I was jumping with excitement and couldn’t wait to receive the products and try them out. As most of you who are regular readers/followers of my blog know that I am a massive fan of the Caudalie brand, so I didn’t want to miss the opportunity this time round to try these exciting new launch. And like I have said before, I will never put anything up that I don’t feel fits it with me or my readers. 
I was sent two samples from their Vinosource collection and a mask from all of which are great for oily – combination skin types. 
The Limited Edition Grape Water – I use to freshen my face during the day… a little goes a long way. It moisturises and soothes the skin. Absolutely a handbag essential especially in the lovely summer weather we have been blessed with lately.
The Glycolic Peel Mask I have used on the weekends. It is helps to brighten the skin after use. The mask again like all the Caudalie products I have used is very effective. 
This matifying liquid, is the bomb! To be frank, this has been my go to daily moisturiser in the morning and night. BTW yes you can use it at night. It helps to keep my oils at bay without drying the skin, I use this under my makeup and I don’t need use too much milk of magnesia (MOM)  as primer any more. Once I mistakenly added too much MOM and my make-up started cracking when i left the house lol and I also don’t need to set my whole face with powder, i just need to set my under eyes and my noise because it is the shiniest part of my face. I will highly recommend this to all my sisters who suffer from oily skin.
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And why not give Caudalie a try, they cater for all skin types.
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Something Old & Something Blue

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Well hello there and how are you today? For today’s post, is based on some of the skincare products i have been loving lately. 
If you follow me on Instagram you might have already seen a picture of this on page. It is a much loved product by many. It is the eyeko hydrogel eye patch. This product is amazing, enriched with a blend of anti-stress and anti-fatigue ingredients it helps to hydrate and illuminate the delicate under eye area- a beauty bag must especially during this party season.
I have also been loving two products I have talked about before (here). I have found myself using theses two products again because i feel my skin needs a little more tlc now it’s colder. I would recommend you try it out if you’re looking for a bit of a gentle exfoliant.
Links to products mentioned:
eyeko hyrogel eye patch – (Link)
Paula’s Choice AHA Gel Glycolic Acid 8% – (Link)
Paula’s Choice BHA Gel Salicylic Acid 1% –  (Link)

Have you tried any of the products mentioned in this post? What products or things have you been loving so far?
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My New Skincare Obsession // Foreo Luna Mini

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If you have never heard of the Foreo Luna Mini, please check out my initial review here. The beauty seen has had a lot of buzz this little firecracker and now I know why. I have been using the Foreo Luna Mini for over two months now and i am very happy with the results i have noticed. This little tool of beauty has helped my skin become much more easy to work with.

I like a lot of people have been looking at the Clarisonic range and are a little put off because of the price and lets be honest, the brush. If like me you suffer from acne, have oily to combination skin, actually any skin type i would highly recommend you give this beauty tool a try and at half the price as a Clarisonic, why wouldn’t you. This tool is very gentle on the skin, gently remove dead skin cells and unclog pores which in turn boosts and promote healthy skin. I myself have never used a clarisonic before but i have used something similar although the brush cleaner in question does exactly what is was designed for, i can be it a little too harsh on my sensitive skin, is very hard to clean and you have to buy replacement brushes for continual use.
Plus this tool is very easy to clean and store and the charge lasts for ages and you don’t have to buy replacement brush heads… all you would need is a good cleanser. I would recommend using the body shop vitamin c facial cleansing polish—-> here

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Birchbox July 2015: Make A Splash

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If you’re lucky enough to be jetting off on holiday this summer, then you’ll love this month’s Birchbox . Or If you’re one of the unlucky few with no holiday plans overseas plans, I am sure you’ll enjoy the July box, just the same.  This month’s Birchbox has been replaced with a ‘Limited Edition Birchbag‘ in a variety of vibrant colours, inspired by travels of the Beauty Editors from Sunday Times Style,  Grazia and  Condé Nast Traveller.

With summer in full bloom, the Birchbag will definitely put a big smile on your face. This month’s line up includes a mix of makeup and beauty must-have to help you look  and feel your best this season, even when it gets piping hot.

Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription box. The box normally includes 5-6 selected makeup, beauty, hair and sometimes an extra lifestyle products from well-known brands and emerging brands. As well their monthly box subscription, Birchbox is a destination where you can purchase beauty, makeup and lifestyle products from the brands featured in their boxes with the points system that many subscription boxes now offer. All their monthly boxes comes with a handy guide for each and every product included in the box. So you’ll definitely know what to do with each product you receive. Check out their website for more details on them!

My July Birchbag features a mix of both known and newly discovered brands.
The three shadow are very pretty shimmery neutral colours, consisting of light to dark shades. Peach Parfait is great palette for anyone to create a very natural day-time or night-time look plus it’s easy to carry, making this a must-have palette for summer. Though, it is on the pricey side for just ten colours. Sorry POP Beauty:-(

Benefit Cosmetics Dream Screen – £25.00

This little cutie is the perfect carry-on for all this season. The Dream Screen is an oil-free, silky-matte sun lotion with broad spectrum SPF 45 to protect you from UVB and UVA rays. It can be worn under makeup or on its own. It ultra light -weight, absorbs very quickly, leaves the skin moisturised and does not leave a blue film, it’s truly invisible.
Get to know your sunscreen——> here.
Soigné is a cruelty-free brand that uses non-toxic formulas in all their products. The sample I received comes in a their signature bottle. Menthe is a beautiful soft mint colour, perfect for adding some colour to the nails. This polish is very easy to use, it comes with a wide enough brush for easy application. Two coat is enough coverage for me with the colour; a single coat looks a little thin and uneven. I love this nail polish! Although, it is a little on the pricey side.

Unani Aloe Vera Gel – £15.00

Packed with pure aloe vera, this product claims to help soothe and calm the skin and us help recover from sunburn. It is basically like an after sun lotion but more healing properties plus it works great on blemishes, bites and eczema. I am very sorry, I cannot comment on  any long-term effects because the sample isn’t enough for that. I will like to try it though and see. Please let me know how you got on with this product.

This is a new brand discovery for me. With a bit of research, I found out that BioNike is an Italian based company that prides itself in creating affordable useful products. The cleansing water in particular, is for users with sensitive skin. It helps to sweeps away dirt, makeup, cleanses skin and helps to soothe sore spots.Its worth a try because there are so many cleansing water out there and at this price, It’s very affordable, don’t you think! Spa To You Nail File – £2.99

A great little device to round-up the self-grooming holiday inspired box. This little gem is great little tool to help keep our nails on point all the time.

The Birchbag I must say that, I am very impressed. The ladies at Birchbox as always continue to keep me interested and without fail, there’s always something in the box that I manage to love and I am always discovering new brands from their monthly boxes. If you’re thinking of trying out from big-named brands or emerging brands, then definitely give this a try.
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As an added bonus Birchboxers get £10 off the summer edit when you spend £30 or more online
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Are you enjoying this month’s Birchbag??
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The Foreo Luna Mini, this little thing of beauty. If you have never heard of this little device before, then sit tight, relax and prepare to be amazed. 
After being sold worldwide for nearly two years or so now, I finally got my hands on this little bad boy. Facial cleansing tools especially brushes have are now a must for all skincare conscious people. Most cleansing brushes promises to help unclog pores, brighten our skin, and help us achieve our skin goals. 
I am very picky when it comes to what I put on my face because like many of you I don’t want to ruin my ok face with harsh tools or chemicals and worsen my skin issues.  I had been looking at the Clarisonic range, but I think it’s similar to my Magnitone. I am probably wrong and the thought of having another beauty tool with its brush head that needs constant changing just seems pointless and, please do correct me if am wrong!
Compared to others in this category I feel that the Foreo Luna is very different which was why I decided to give it a try. 
What makes this so different from the rest? 
At Foreo, they aim to provide a unique, pioneering and iconic products with hygiene and wellbeing at its core; designed to help you feel naturally beautiful and healthy. The Luna Mini is the first of its kind to make use of unique nonporous silicone brush that is easiest to wash and more hygenic than standard silicone cleansing brushes. After use, all one needs to do is just rinse and it will be 35x more hygienic than other cleansing brushes. The idea of anyone cleansing their face with a bacteria-ridden brush makes me shudder.
This product comes with two manuals; one for a quick guide and the other gives a more in-depth step by step guide on how to use this little beauty. 
 It also comes with an insurance card and a USB charger for the device.
How much does it costs?
It costs £99 which is not as expensive as the Clarisonic or as purse friendly as the Magnitone Lucid. However, it’s still not the cheapest thing in the world. 
 I ordered the Luna Mini Save The Sea Special Edition with the net profits would go to Foreo’s Board of Ocean Conservation charity partners. Although, this device comes in five different colours, if you’re not a sea turtle pal.
Foreo Luna Mini Device

 There’s a little promotion Foreo have going this summer—–> check out their website here.

As you can probably tell, I am super excited to try this out. I hope I am not disappointed.
Has Foreo Luna Mini converted you to the dark side? Or If you haven’t tried this device yet would you try it? Please leave your comments below!
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