Next Generation // Kylie Jenner ELLE’s February 2016 Cover Star

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Kylie Jenner stars on ELLEUK’s 90’s themed fashion shoot. Born in 1997, she almost didn’t qualify! …in a behind-the-scenes video, Kylie admits: “I was born in the nineties. I’m barely a nineties baby!” 

In her conversation with ELLE Kylie talks about growing up as part of one of the most families in the world. her plans to give up fame entirely once she starts a family and her relation with her Dad Caitlyn Jenner and also how Justin Bieber helped her deal with trolls.
As part of the 90’s themed shoot ELLE brought Kylie together with male model of the moment Lucky Blue Smith. 
 The two stars pose together … and don’t they look good together?!
Kylie is the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner family and she is fast following in the footsteps of her female model siblings.
Here’s a snippet of Kylie’s interview in the magazine
A snapshot of Lucky Blue Smith’s piece in the issue. 
Here’s another shot from ELLE’s February 2016 issue
A clip of Kylie talking about which emoji she would be and also admits that she has never watched Friends etc.

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ELLE UK February Staring Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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Photo © Kai Z Feng/ Coutersey of ELLE UK

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley posed in a series of images in which she wears a collection of SS15 trendy pieces. This is the model turned actress’ fourth ELLE cover. 
Smoking hot, she shows off her perfect physique, in this white trouser suit complete with a giant sun hat and showing off her heart tattoo on her wrist.

Photo © Kai Z Feng/ Coutersey of ELLE UK

Starring in 16 sensational pages of new season fashion editorial, Rosie reveals, she won’t diet in the New Year. She told the magazine ‘It never really worked out for me. I picked up exercise.’  
If you ever wondered how Rosie maintains her awesome body, just listen to her trainer: “How do you get a dancer’s body? It’s not rocket science: You dance.”  

Rosie is set to star in the new Mad Max: Fury Road alongside the wonderfully talented Tom HardyCharlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult and Zoë Kravitz. The movie which is set for release on 15th May 2015, directed by George Miller, is an apocalyptic story set in the furthest reaches of our planet.
The February issue also stars Mr Jamie Dornan yes ladies Christian Grey himself and Fashion icon Alexa Chung talks us through her shopping and styling tips for the high street.
Check out the full interview in the February issue of ELLE UK, on sale now at you local magazine retailer or  you can order it online and get it delivered.  Also available as a digital edition.

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Elle Confidence Issue stars Kim Kardashian West

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Kim K West covers Elle magazine’s  “Confidence Issue,” shot by Jean Baptiste Mondino, in a striped crop top and hot pants in the black and white image and posed as though about to eat the cupcake as she gazes at the icing on her fingers. So, you ask, why is Kim on the cover of the “Confidence Issue?” 

 Photographed by Jean Baptiste Mondino
sourced from Elle

Well according to  Elle, “She has also, through her unerring self-belief, has redefined our perception of body beautiful.” and is “without doubt, one of the most influential women in the world.”

Kim also talks about how hard she’s had to work to achieve her self-confidence,Kanye West,Kendall Jenner and the role her father played in making her who she is today. 

To celebrate Kim, Elle devoted three covers to her. The second and third continuing the monochrome theme. In the second cover below, Kimmy loses the cupcake and sports a white shirt and thick leather belt with very minimal makeup but still looks very very beautiful.

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 Photographed by Jean Baptiste Mondino
sourced from Elle 
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Photographed by Jean Baptiste Mondino
sourced from Elle
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