Hello and welcome!! my name is Mariama.

I am a content creator with a quirky colourful style, a lover of inspirational quotes, indulging in the positive vibes only, dreaming of trotter the globe one city at a time and a punchy attitude to match. 

For a very long time, I would read blogs constantly and was kinda obsessed with the ones that covered all the latest trends and street style. I even collected those expensive fashion magazines and absorbed every bit of style I came across, so it was a natural development that I’d end up starting my blog.

In the beginning, it was me rambling on about anything and everything to little or no audience, but it was my source of entertainment and an escape from some of life’s stress. In the past year, I have taken my blog slightly more seriously and I am posting a more and more, trying to refrain from purely fashion into a more style diary sorta, lifestyle posts. My outfits have become one of my favourite parts. I enlisted the help of a professional photographer as I did not have an Instagram boyfriend or girlfriend. I love and enjoyed taking the photos, it makes e feel like a model and buying new clothes or styling old clothes is just so liberating, much to detriment of my bank balance. 

In a society with many people struggling with insecurities, I wanted to challenge what is now becoming the norm and inspire my readers to self-love. Through the power of fashion, self-care, love for our fellow man/women, and a positive attitude we can change the world and make it a better place.  Recently, I have been inspired to create a space for those of us who don’t want to be put in a box or those of us who hate being stereotype. I do try to incorporate pretty much everything I fancy writing about, so that’s went from purely personal style posts to beauty, entertainment and lifestyle. 

On this platform, I’m creating an online space to inspire you to experiment with fashion and to go for your dream because the sky is the limit and you shouldn’t allow those boxes of self-doubt to stop you from making that change and achieving your dream.  I want to encourage you to embrace their quirkiness through style tips, lifestyle tips etc. So, my daily post will range from fashion, beauty, and a little life (ranting) thrown into the mix.

Have a look around, discover the latest post and don’t forget to come chat to me on Twitter and Instagram or you can drop me an email to tell about all the things you enjoyed on my platform or  you can drop me a quick message if you just want a quick chat or just to have someone to listen.


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