I’ve been saying I’ll do it for years, and never quite got round to it, but after years and years of procrastinating, I thought it was about time I start my own. Friday 5th December saw the birth of colur – my very own online shop.

Right at the beginning of 2020 – a much simpler time – I began researching on the best possibly way to start a sustainably candle / accessories business. Putting pen to paper, I made a list of all the values that were important to me: eco-friendliness, sustainability, and a commitment to using natural materials. It wasn’t just about creating a product; it was about creating a statement and a lifestyle that could contribute positively to people and the environment.

I spent months sourcing the right materials – from the soy wax for the candles to the recycled material for the packaging. I contacted local suppliers and even took classes on candle making to ensure that every aspect of colur met the high standards I set for sustainability and quality.

The road to launching colur wasn’t easy. Balancing a full-time job, while trying to ignite a passion project into a viable business, had its challenges. There were days filled with doubt, but my determination to see this dream turn into reality was unwavering.

Now, as I look at the array of beautifully crafted candles and accessories on the website, I feel a profound sense of accomplishment. Each product not only represents my commitment to sustainability but is also a piece of art that brightens someone’s home and life.

My journey with colur is just beginning, and I can’t wait to see where this path leads. More than a shop, colur is a symbol of what happens when you stop procrastinating and start doing; it’s a testament to the beauty of following your passions and the impact of sustainable living. Here’s to a brighter, greener future and to all the adventures that await!