A Lime Crime Haul

When it comes to buying makeup, I am still a newbie finding my perfect face and signature look. Lime Crime has been on my radar for a while, and the addition of unicorn hair colors to their range piqued my interest even more. With a little extra cash in hand, I decided to treat myself to some new makeup and hair products from Lime Crime, including the kawaii, bubble gum rose, and anime unicorn hair colors, along with the Venus Palette Bundle and the Utopia Velvetines Bundle. I used the kawaii hair color to dye my hair, which I’ve been rocking since July 2017, and I must say, using their products has been a delight. The hair colors smelled amazing and left my weave looking shiny, healthy, and bouncy. While Lime Crime is available in some UK stores, the high demand for their products often leads to quick sell-outs. Ordering from the US can also come with customs charges, but I was pleasantly surprised that my Lime Crime order arrived within 5 days without any additional fees. The speedy and hassle-free experience has definitely made me a repeat customer, and I’m already looking forward to trying more of their products! Some companies are really bad with shipping, and unfortunately, I’ve experienced this first-hand with a UK-based company. It’s astonishing that it took them almost three months to fulfil an order I placed back in June. Finally, just last week, I received the items I had been waiting for. As a result, I’ve decided to document my unboxing and overall experience in a video review, which I plan to share on my YouTube channel next week. I’m curious, have you ever tried Lime Crime products? If so, what was your experience with them? Additionally, do you have any recommendations for makeup products that are beginner-friendly?

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