Stronger Than Yesterday

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It is true that sometimes in life you’re put in situations where you may feel like you’re never going to make it out alive but then you make it and you wonder why you were stressing your pretty little head about it. Two years ago I lost my father and I have never ever been the same again. Because he died back home in Sierra Leone, I am still not convinced he’s dead, I still think he’s alive and people are mistaken. Since the news of his death, I have been plagued with thoughts of making sure I live my life full of fun, laughter and many many memories and how much I must always make sure I live life to its fullest. Last week I was hit with one of the shocker of this year so far, I must admit, I am still in shock, although I am happy about the current outcome because I didn’t like being in the situation in the first place yet still in shock. I have thought how much I spent working my ass off to please people yet they did not even appreciate me doing all the extras to make things happen. Instead they bullied me and made me feel really really small and insecure about myself. And now I am out of the situation, I am happy that I don’t have to face the big bully anymore. They tried to make my life a living hell  for as long as I can remember, they will always be a very small person who deserves everything that’s coming to them because karma’s a bitch. I am stronger than yesterday, nothing is going to stand in my way. I know that I will make it I just need to keep fighting and my hard work will pay off.Dress – HM // Shoes – Public Desire // Shades – Missguided// Choker – Urban Outfitters

For those of you who are currently going through a situation where you feel like you’re not going to be free or make it to the other side, trust me when I say, that you will see the light one day just keep going and don’t ever give up or give in. 

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