Do Whatever You Want Just Don’t Hurt Anyone.

There was a study done recently which said Instagram is ruining people’s self-esteem. I know i have written about self-love before I want to repeat myself again because I myself I sometimes have days when I feel like less myself and I start comparing myself with online personalities or people. Then I say to myself that everyone is can’t be the same, because if everyone was the same, life will be very predictably dull. Most online people only share with us snippets of their lives that seem perfect but you will never get to see sad, un-instagrammable moments. That’s not to say that people are fake all the time but I have stopped reading into things I see online because I am who I am. I am unique and different. I hate seeing people being too hard on themselves just because they’re not as skinny as this person or as pretty as that person. Come on people, you’re beautiful and perfect just the way you are. Just do you and stop trying to be someone else.

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