Let’s Go To Prom

It’s that time of the year when students in UK start their GCSE exams and after these exams comes the Prom. Prom season is a time to celebrate the end of secondary school and the beginning of adulthood. Its  a time to have fun, dress up and dance the night away. People literally spend the whole day preparing for their prom. Parents tend to get a little carried away during the prom season.I almost missed my prom because I was naughty and my mother actually grounded me for being a spoilt brat so I ended up missing the limo ride with my mates and I had to take a cab all by myself to my prom and basically missing the all thing except for the final dance at the end of the evening, luckily enough I still managed to get my photo taken with my outfit alone but not the group pics with my mates.For my prom dress, my mummy and I went from shop to shop, trying to find the perfect prom dress, I love shopping but that day I wanted to just find the dress I liked and then go home because I got so bored of moving from shop to shop, trying dress from dress. I literally spent the whole damn day shopping.Being the fashion fairy that I’d like to be, I have selected a few dresses from some stores, which are very expensive but totally stunning. I hope these choices will help you find that perfect prom dress. Let me know if you’d like some selection of accessories + shoes.Have a fabulous prom you lovely lot and don’t be like me and misbehave on your prom day and end up missing the whole prom.LOL x

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