Which Pretty Little Liar Are You?

With the return of the latest season and it being the penultimate season, I thought I’d do a post dedicated to one of my all time favour teen dram apart from the vampire diaries etc. The gang are back and AD is spying on their every move, and the girls as per usual are trying to outsmart AD. Spencer being the smarty pants of the group takes the lead and the rest of the group tend to all fall in line apart from my TV counter twinnie, the unpredictable, sassy, funny and fashionable Hanna. I mean this girl may not be some people’s fav cause she’s not the smartest or the most together person of the group for me she is relate-able, and is constantly reminds me of myself, maybe not the rich spoilt princess from Rosewood kinda similarity, just her behaviour, she is strong, a fighter and she like all the other girls has had to deal with some of life’s tricks (or lessons if that’s what you call em) she is my one of my to bad-asses, she’s not afraid to stand up and speak out even when it may not be the perfect timing. She’s a dreamer and has even bagged herself Caleb ( a reformed bad boy ??) she’s loyal and is a true friend. Hanna and her mum have been through so much together which is kinda (similar to the relationship between my mum and I – since my mum and dad spilt up when I was younger my mummy and I have grown up together until my mum met my stepdad and now I have a little seven year old brother who’s the cutest kid you’ll ever meet ☺️). I really love the Hanna Marin character and if I lived in fictional Rosewood maybe we could have been sisters ???.  I really cannot wait to see what this Season brings.I am very, very, sad ? that it’s ending for now; you never know maybe just like Prison Break the TV show, ??it might be brought back.Enough about my love for Hanna, who’s your favourite Rosewood babe or dude and why?? ☺️

 Jumpsuit (similar)/ Heels/ Sunglasses

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