The Realness


One of the lessons I have learnt as a blogger (a term i loosely use to describer myself because I not that much of an influencer) or in this world of internet personalities is that when it comes to support from other black girls it is mostly non-existent. Don’t get me wrong, I have met so many lovely people at bloggers events and have connected with some people online. Some black especially some of the ones who have become big online personalities, are so full of themselves and they would rather watch you struggle to do something than actually lend a hand and help you complete said task with their help sooner. As a small minority we should all help each other out rather than fold our hands and watch others struggle. I get that they had to struggle to get where they’re at but why would you watch someone struggle to do something when you can help make someone’s life a little bit easier. I watch some of our UK influencers who actually stick together and help bring each other up by either doing a video together or doing a post together or taking each other to events – these are the things I don’t tend to see black bloggers doing. I mean come on we are a small minority in this world of online personalities, we should help each other – I am not saying that we should gang up together and create our own clicks; I am asking that we help one another succeed in this life so that we can help broke some of the moulds and stigma that we face on a day to day basis.

T-Shirt/ Heels (similar)/ Jacket/ Skirt (old) 

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