Autumn/Winter Essentials









Being a student is very tough and can be very financially tough because most students don’t have access to lots of money (I am still getting used to earning less). Now unlesss you have a part-time job or maybe the occasional allowance from family then you’re on the lookout for ways of saving money by buying only the essentials. You are advised to always pay your rent and bills first, then you can go ahead and buy food; clothing or livelihood monies is the last thing on the list you should spend on. Which is why so many shops like Topshop offer students discount to help us save more to spend more. One of the ways you can save money is to invest in a really good pair of jeans and then buy the essentials like a cardigan or jumper for the cold months, vests and t-shirts for the hot summer months. As part of the Student Survival Kit, Topshop sent me this jumper for the cold months and I have paired it with the jeans and heels I wore in my previous post (here) it just goes to show that if you have the essentials you can and will be able to make your fashion statement without breaking the bank and keeping warm and cosy in the cold months. Don’t forget to come back to check out the final look featuring this gorgeous jeans and I really hope you have found this post very helpful and I cannot wait to show you more student saving inspired posts.Please let me know if you have any money saving tips or tricks for students with limited funds.Lots of lovex*some of the items in these pics were gifted to me*

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