Goodbye October

As the new University term’s started I was sent some items from Topshop as part of a student campaign which contains some essentials. I was sent some more stuff, which i couldn’t put in one post so I have decided to break it up and here’s the first look I put together featuring this embroidered mom jeans and this crop top. Now I what you’re thinking crop top in Autumn, it doesn’t feel that cold yet to wrap up plus the colour is too hot… this look is giving me serious 90’s vibes and I am completely in love with these jeans, definitely going to invest in some more colours this autumn.
I recently went all Daenerys Targaryen with my new hair and I don’t like how it looks in pictures  and it kinda makes me look older so I’ll be to back to purple locks soon… hopefully by my next shoot.
Did you know that students get 10% off all year round! Check out their website now for more information.What do you think of my little put together?? I know I look like storm from the X-Men lol 🙂
*contains pr products*


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