The Hair Pill Experiment

Hello! I hope you are having a fab day.  Am sorry i haven’t been posting lately, have just been busy sorting out going back to uni and promise to get back on schedule once i am all settled in. Have for the better half of this year have been meaning to try out hair pills and seeing as i am suffering from a residing hairline, i finally decided to try out some hair pills and having exhaustingly reasearched the different brands and types out decided to try out SugarBear Pills. Am not really one to give into hypes most of the time and just thought it wouldn’t hurt if i gave it a try as my hairline insn’t getting any better. Ordering these pills was really easy and it only took about a week for me to receive it and being that it cam from the US – it was great it arrived so early.  I decided to buy the six month’s package because i wanted to really try it out and you normally won’t see major results until six months and it wasn’t that expensive either (they’re were having a promotion) Actually one of the main reasons why I went for these pills is because during my research a lot of people complaints about some of the other pills tasting very bad and smeklling like horse medicine and because i really struggle to take normal painkillers even vitamins (basically i hate taking medicines) and this pill was the only one people actually said did not taste like medicine nor did it smell like animal feed. When i received the delivery, i couldn’t wait to open the box ( know am very sad right but who doesn’t like receiving deliveries) ripped open the box and the pills were beautifully packed in the box and the first thing i did was open a jar and take a little sniff ☺️ AND it smelled like those sweets you used to get from Woolworths and crapped one and tasted it right there and  it tasted like sweet. Which for someone who hates taking medicine is a massive bonus! Now cannot wait to see if it actually helps to grow my hair and if not I will be so gutted.Have you tried these little cute bear pills? Thanks for stopping by and i will see you soonxo

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