Hello Cozy

I am currently on cloud nine with my brand new #positivevibesonly attitude.  I am really loving life at the moment and when my friend and I walked into the store and she saw this jumper, she instantly said this is so you and I was skeptical to buy it; when I tried it at home I really liked it so here I am with another shoot. This jumper sums me up with just two words (i) I love food (ii) I want food all the time because I am constantly hungry. This jumper though is very cozy, warm and is a definite must have for the autumn. I am really really looking forward to autumn because for one my birthday is in the autumn and two I love the dark autumnal colours and the final reason is Winter is coming which means Christmas and I have never ever been so super excited for Christmas than I am this year. I really love Christmas even though it hardly ever snows in London for Christmas.
Anyways peeps I would really advise you to get rid of all the negative things in your life and focus on yourself for a change because some people will only use you then when they don’t need you anymore they’ll walk out and by that time it may be too late for you to get your life back in order.
Don’t let the negativity get you down.
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