Things That Make You Love And Loathe Fashion Bloggers

One of my favourite thing about blogging, in general, is that I get t try so many new things that I otherwise wouldn’t have ventured trying. One of the most positive thing about being a fashion blogger I have become so much more confident in my skin. 
I am not a really what you’ll consider a successful blogger as I have only been blogging for about two years, and I am still really finding my feet in the blogging world. I thought it would be fun to do a fashion roast. Shall we start with ten of my favourite things about fashion bloggers;
  1. Their pics are always so perfect it makes me feel a little jealous that I cannot look that fabulous all the time lol
  2. They have the perfect wardrobe for every occasion. I mean come one, what girl wouldn’t want a wardrobe built for the stars
  3. They look like they’re always out with some of the coolest fashionistas 
  4. They always seem to make time for everyone (having a boyfriend and having time for friends and family)  
  5. They appear to have some of the coolest friends who are ok with them taking selfies all the time because they’re such beautiful social butterflies 
  6. They have boyfriends who are willing to take their pictures all the time 
  7. They always have the best new gadgets
  8. Not forgetting they also have some of the best makeup
  9. They are some of the nicest people you could ever be friends with (TBH I have never met a blogger who isn’t dear)
  10. They always  so confident and badass

So many people tell you what’s great about blogging and not a lot of bloggers say the annoying things. That’s because they’re all darlings so it is hard to think of something negative to say about them. I do have one thing to say, …. how do you find time to kick ass and stay so babelicious!

What things do you love or loathe about fashion bloggers?
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you found this post very fun.

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