Just keep swimming

“When life give you lemons, make lemonade” is a saying that mostly everyone has heard or been told that. What does this mean you ask!?!? ….it’s an encouragement to help you look on the bright side of things when something terrible has happened. And I am sure we have all had those times when we feel that things will never get any better. I myself have had those days when I feel like the world is too heavy to carry and I cannot take any more bad news. Being brought up in christian home and having very religious family they often tell me that God has a plan and he is testing me which is why I am going through such terrible times, I tend to think what twisted God would do such a thing. I am sorry people I am not trying to convert anyone to Christianity nor I am trying to pass on my religious background to anyone. I am trying to and hopefully not failing to spread some positivity and realism because obviously you know that terrible things don’t last for long and you will eventually find your way out of what ever struggle or hardship you have found yourself in. I was inspired by a recent chat on Twitter and I thought I should share something on here to those of you who might need a little pick up.The battle must be won and don’t let people or situations stop you from being who you are or stop you from achieving your dreams and desires. There is always a way and it might be hard just keep trying as Dory would say ….

Staying positive in life is great because things always tend to work out for the better even if you may not see that in your current predicament.

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