My Purple Ambition

 Hello there and welcome to another post! I hope you’re having a good day. I recently treated myself to a brand new hair do. I have been wanting to do silver/lilac hair for a very long time (watch my silver hair fail –here). I managed too save up and get myself some platinum blonde hair which I dyed in order to achieve this colour. It was the easiest hair dying experience I have had- the hair took the colour very quickly and easily. Anyways enough about the hair, I will have a video up on my YouTube channel soon to talk about the hair so watch the space. For today, though, I wanted to show you the final result. I must say, that even though I wasn’t sure I looked good with the hair, I have had so many compliments from friends and families alike and I am actually getting used to it and it’s a good easy summer hairstyle.

What hairstyle or hair colour are you looking forward to trying or have already tried? 
I love seeing all your comments telling me your own experiences, so please leave me your stories below.
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xoxo Becky

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