The Face Masks

It’s the little things in life that makes us happy. I always try and find happiness in the things that I do to take care of my skin and having a mask moment is one of favourite me time moment. I know some may think me vain; I work way to hard and having me time helps me to focus and relax and get my self back to a normal state of thinking.

These are the current favourites masks I use to detoxify, cleanse  and breath some life back into my face. I try and use one of these masks at least once a week, it had now become part of my weekly skincare routine. Each mask has different purpose and I have really seen some major skincare improvement since I’ve incorporated the weekly mask moments into my regime.

The Aztec Clay– i used mostly to clarify my hair and one day I was bored, so I mixed the usual mixture (apple cider vinegar and the clay) I used on my hair and applied it on my face. I loved how radiant and clean my face felt afterwards. I usually apply and leave it to dry on my face; wash off with lukewarm water and face is revived.

Lush Dark Angels Mask – I use usually at night, as it has nourishing oils that helps to soften, cleanse  and doesn’t dry out the skin. I apply directly onto my face even with makeup on and scrub away. It helps to minimise breakouts and it good for oily/combination skin. One tip though, please make sure you scrub the sink and or tub after use because one drop on the floor or sink is very hard to wash away with just water.
Another favourite is the Caudalie Gylgolic Peel Mask; I love using this mask to help brighten and help to bring life onto my face. After use my skin looks and feel radiant and my pores appears smaller. I usually apply on my face and then leave it to dry and then wash off with lukewarm water, then i apply my face cream. This mask is my instant face lift in a tube and i use whenever I feel my face needs somethings extra to wake it up.

The last and final mask of the moment is Rosee Du Matin Mask. I use this colour changing mask is my favourite just because it changes colour and it like all the other masks helps to brighten, refresh and revive the skin. It’s my everyday mask, because it is very light more fun to use.

What things have you started doing to help you relax and help you get back to normality? what are your favourite mask(s) to use to help you unwind?
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Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts and opinions – don’t let your worries bring you down,
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