Bits and Bobs from H&M

Hello and welcome! I hope you’re doing well today. Recently, I decided to visit the H&M website to pick up some essential accessories for photographing my beauty and makeup products. While browsing, I stumbled upon these exquisite copper products in their home and interior section. As I’m in the process of revamping my room, I believe these items will infuse a touch of much-needed glamour to the space.

I strongly believe that H&M stands out as a premier destination for both economical and upscale home accessories. At the moment, I am eagerly seeking additional copper items to complement my collection. Unfortunately, it seems that these coveted pieces are currently unavailable on the H&M UK website. However, there are still a few promising copper pots featured on their online platform – a glimmer of hope in my search.


Metal pot  in black-


Metal tray similar –


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