Thoughts on Eva Wigs Lace Frontal

Well hello and welcome, I super happy to have you here with me. I hope you are having a good day today? If you are not then please don’t less your worried get you down as you already know life is too short to worry about the little things in life. 
As you have already guessed, I will be reviewing the  lace frontal I bought from Eva Wigs. Placing the order was very very easy however, receiving my hair is a very different story because they have to make each frontal by scratch this meant that i have to wait for about 3 weeks; during my wait, I wanted to cancel my order but I was then told that because they had already started making my order I could cancel it minus some admin charges, which I wasn’t willing to do. I have I eventually managed to sort out my concerns with the lady at customer service. 
The hair itself  was platinum blonde but when i received it, it wasn’t platinum at all; it looked like dirty blonde. Although it is very silky, soft and fully of life. Me being a do-it-yourself-er went ahead and dyed the hair soi can get it as light as the Bombay hair (here) with some hair bleaching kit I had.  
It came in this box, in a clear plastic bag. 

Here are the pictures of the hair, after I had dyed the roots dark brown, some bits went a little purple/silvery because I had used the silver shampoo to stop the bleach from getting every where. Scroll down to see more pics of the lace and the hair. Now I cannot wait for my hair to be slayed by this new hair dresser I  will be trying out shortly #fingerscrossed!


I felt that this hair, was very easy to bleach, and handle and even with the little glitch before it arrived, I was expecting a very terrible hair and I was pleasantly surprised. Now I hope it lustre, silky, lively hair lasts after several months.
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My lace frontal specification, Indian virgin hair, silky, dark brown lace.
 How was your experience ordering from Eva wigs; what do you think of my closure.
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xoxo Becky

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