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Apologies in advanced if I am driving you hair crazaayy. I am currently finally found products that work great with my natural hair and I couldn’t wait to tell ya. Today’s post is all about the hair after i have washed and towel dried it. So  let’s begin with these two products shall we.
I first stumbled upon this brand on a bloggers event I attended (click here to see the unboxing video) I was sceptical as usual because it didn’t look like something I could use on my natural hair. One of the ladies who were representing the brand, said that no it is actually for all curly hair types even afro curly/kinky hair.  The first thing i did was smell this stuff and it smells so good enough to eat (PS. don’t eat it)

 I was given two products, one is the curly cream and the other was the style gel. Both products help to tame frizzy, unruly hair. I use these two babies when I want to twist and leave my hair out and it also helps to maintain and makes my curls lasts longer.

My only negative is with the styling creme, it does make my hair a little sticky after use, so be warned that you may need to wash your hair after use if you find it annoying.
 They have a whole range of stuff on their site – click here to check it out 
Have you tried these two products or any products from the Curl Company?
Please leave all your thoughts and comments below
xoxo Becky
 *These product are PR samples

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