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For today’s post, I talk to you about an affordable lingerie by Fever Collection; a company based here in the UK. They sell wigs, lingerie and more… check out their website for more..
When i opened the box, I was really pleased with it’s contents 
The picture above shows what comes in the box; it is basically everything except for stockings. For the price stated on the website this is a bargain.
Please scroll down to see close-ups shots.

I personally really like this lingerie, it is very affordable and feels very comfortable on. My negative with it is that it didn’t fit my boobs properly…being a petite girl with big boobs …i personally didn’t like the fit around the breast area. maybe it is this a design fault. I am willing to buy another style to try out and review.
Have you heard of Fever Collections before? Have you tried any of their products? Do you also this issue when things don’t fit your bust properly 🙂
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*this item was sent to me for an honest review*

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