Reading List // Assariyah: Money Over Everything

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For today’s post I wanted to talk to you about the first in a series of two books that I was sent to read and review for my blog. When I was contacted by the author I jumped at the chance to review these books because I live to read. I love a good story and I can’t get lost in the world of books. 
The book is about Assariyah your typical girl next door who goes through certain life changing situation that makes her stronger in the end. …she learns that certain people she consider friends aren’t really friends but enemies who want nothing but her downfall and she even manges to find love but at what cost can she hold to her love and will her lust get the better of her. There were so many heart breaking moments in the storyline.
While reading this book I was picturing it like a movie. It was filled with love, lust, sex and tragedy. It’s was captivating and  I did want to put the book down until I had finished it. It was that good. Luckily for me there is another book and I cannot wait to see where the story takes Assariyah. 
Click here to find out what this book of all about. 
Watch the space for the second book in the series. 
Have you read any of these two boos by La’Toya Makanjuola? Were you grubbed by the storyline?
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