Fudge Clean Blonde

In today’s post I wanted to talk about two products that I am wanting to use on my silver hair. I know you’ve probably had enough of the silver hair trend. With so much silverness out there I thought I would give it a go. After all it did look good on the many people’s heads I have seen. Anyway my attempt to go silver was a shortly lived one whichi wouldn’t go into now but I should be uploading a video on YouTube shortly with my silver hair fail ?
The two products I did however love using when I tried to go silver are from Fudge. These two products are good for anyone wanting to go silver/grey. I especially loved the conditioner which is so thick and has everything one would need after one has bleached and over leached ones hair. 

After you have bleached your hair platinum blonde the conditioner helps to restore some of the lustre and life back into the hair. And if you leave it long enough on the platinum blonde hair it leaves a slight silver purply hint on the hair which looks very natural. 
That’s  my thoughts on these products. 
Have you tried the Fudge clean blonde products? Did you like using it?
Would you ever take the plunge and try the silver / grey hair trend? Or are so over hair colour craze?
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