Hair Meet Mane ‘n Tail

YouTube is the devil I tell ya.. I was watching a video on some hair favourites when I came across this product. So I did a search on YouTube and tons of videos positive reviews came up and being the sucker that I am I went ahead and bought some of the products to test out myself and see if my hair grows.
I am currently on my second week of using these products and I am currently unhappy with the daily leave in conditioner because it makes my hair super dry and really hair to comb but the rest of the products have been ok. However, the herbal care is a little greasy but am going to continue to use all these products to see if my hair gets any longer or thicker or get some sort of positive (hair becomes softer and easy to manage) or negative result (I loose all my hair)…. lol
I am a believe of trying a product to its fullest before giving up and I will keep you posted on my hair growth journey.
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Have you had any luck with the Mane n’ Tail products? 
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