A Little Charlotte Tilbury Here

If you haven’t already heard about the Charlotte Tilbury brand..here is a mini bio.. launched about two years ago in the UK and US. If you have seen any of Charlotte Tilbury tutorials or videos of her speaking about the brand, you will see that she is most passionate, enthusiastic and proud she is about her creations and the reviews I have seen and heard so far has mirrored the same positivity… there’s been nothing but praises so far.
The Charlotte Tilbury brand has been one of the most raved about high end brand of the last two years by bloggers and beauty experts alike. I have been lusting after some Charlotte Tilbury for a while not and finally this week I decided to try two of the much loved products, the matte lipstick and lip liner.
So let’s talk lipsticks shall we seeing as it’s the one I can’t stop oohing and aahing over. This is by far hands down, one of the best beauty buys of 2015.  I am so in love with the colour, the way this feels when you apply it on the lips.. its feels so amazing, its just a great lipstick.. I love matte lipsticks because they tend to be less messy … less transferable at least for me i guess and this lipstick so far hasn’t caused me any such embarrassment at least when I tested it with a drink so far so good.
It is a revolutionary matte indeed and I cannot wait to create more fun looks with these and there’s no perfect time than this autumnal wintry weather.
Berry Naughty is the liner one should use to line ones lip when one wears this Glastonberry lipstick.
This liner is a similar berry shade as the lipstick.. the perfect killer combination for a berry vampy lip combo – it feels great on the lips its very moisturising, helps to pull everything together…just a nice nourishing liner.

Next on my wishlist, the Magic Foundation, Miracle Eye Wand, Air Brush Flawless Powder, Filmstar Bronze & Glow, and Cheek to Chic, basically the list is endless, If i had my wish I would love to try each and every product 🙂
So which of these product(s) have to tried? Or which of these do you think you’ll be trying?Or would love to try?

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