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One of the perks of  being a blogger is you get to find out new companies and try new things you may otherwise have never thought about trying or even getting your mitts on. And today my lovelies, I have a goodie post for you. I will be reviewing Sóley Organics. I got myself some sample products to try, test and review. Please scroll down to see my findings.
So I hear you ask, who are Sóley Organics and what do they do? Well my beauty, Sóley Organics is beauty and skincare range by Sóley Elíasdóttir a longstanding Icelandic figure of both theatre and film world. She turned 16 generation of family tradition harnessing the healing properties of herbs following her grandmother’s footsteps; she created Sóley Organics and launched her first product in 2007 called GRÆÐIR-  a therapeutic cream.
GRÆÐIR is very good for many skin irritations like dryness etc. it looks thick in the tube but it is easily absorbed into the skin and is very moisturising and non-greasy; a little goes a long way. (click here for a full list of ingredients) The creams smells like a mix of herbs and is too overpowering but enough to enjoy each scent.
GRÆÐIR Shampoo features the same Icelandic herbs utilized in the GRAEDIR cream but with lemon and leaf oils (click here for full ingredients) Is a healing shampoo, that cleanses the hair from dirt and with continual use has proven effective on various forms of scalp irritation like dryness etc.
nærð A gentle soothing tonic with orange blossom and wild Icelandic herbs which helps to tone, balance, soothe and helps to keep the pores clean and clear (click here for the full list of ingredients)
eyGLÓ containing unique blend of evening primrose and Icelandic herbs, helps to nourish, moisturize improves the skin’s natural radiance, improves the skin’s elasticity, the blend of ingredients calms and leaves the skin feeling hydrated and soft for overall skin health.
 lind shampó a natural shampoo which helps to revive dry and tired locks.This shampoo gently cleanses the hair leaving it stronger, healthier and more manageable. lind shampó contains all the herbal goodness the other products have plus some grapefruit, leaf and twig oil (click here for a full list of ingredients)
Click here to shop and see full range of products.
Have you tried any products from Sóley Organics? What are your favourite products?

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