Makeup Revolution: Vivid Baked Blush

Makeup Revolution has one of the most affordable makeup lines on the market and one of the most reviewed on the blogosphere.  The creators at Makeup Revolution also have a line for professional makeup line called Freedom Makeup London.Today, I am here to review the Baked Blush. So what’s different about the baked blusher, i hear you ask- well they are prepared in a different way compared to normal blushers; while normal ones are mixed and pressed into a compact powder form, this blusher on the other hand are literally baked after mixing more concentrated colour pigment powder. The baking method is supposed to give off more bolder colour and longer staying power after application. Scroll down to see if these baked goodies lives up to the hype.
This blusher is available in six shades, all with very memorable names, which might be a mouthful for some to remember but all the same very interesting names. Today, I am reviewing, Bang Bang Your Dead, Hard Dry, Make Love Instead, All I Think About Is You, One For Playing Games and Loved Me The Best.
The blush, comes in their standard black pan doom sized shape  with a clear lid casing. But unlike regular blusher these are a little smaller with a studier lid that snaps shut. 

Makeup Revolution have caused a lot hype in the beauty world,  promising inexpensive makeup with great quality. I have not been disappointed with any of their products so far and as you can see from the pic above, this blush is very pigmented and it catches light very easily. 
I have used a fair bit of budget makeup since i first started wearing makeup and I am very impressed with this product, it looks well put together and looks a lot more expensive. The colours look great!!
Hard Day // One For Playing Games
Love Me The Best // Make Love Instead
Bang Bang You’re Dead // All I Think About Is You
Have you tried the baked blusher from Makeup Revolution?

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