A Little Lipstick Never Hurts

With liquid lipsticks now becoming a makeup bag must have, i jumped on the chance when presented with the opportunity to test one “LA Girl Matte Pigment Gloss”. For those of us who are hooked on Youtube beauty/makeup hauls, this is by far one the favourites for beautyhaulers. I have tried LA Girl products before and I was very happy with the results, so I didn’t blink to try this product.

This lipstick is very easy to apply, looks and feels like a gel but tries to a matte finish. One of the cons’ it’s very transferable, when you kiss someone but i didn’t experience any problems when i drank from a straw.

For those of us in the UK it’s really very hard to get our hands on very popular US products, but thanks to Cocktail Cosmetics I was able to buy and try this matte pigment gloss without the hassle of waiting days for it or weeks for it.

Have you tried any of the well sort after liquid lipsticks? Are they worth the hype? Have you got any recommendations? Please leave your comments below.
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