September Favz

Hello and welcome you beautiful stranger. As another month comes to an end, it’s that time of the month… monthly favourite. I know i failed to do one last month, which i’m really gutted about but onwards and upwards from here on *brownie promise*. As you might probably know by now, I a very much skincare obsessed gal, so  for this month i have been rediscovering old beauty favs.
Here’s a whittle down of this month’s favs.
 Let begin with a round up of some of my mostly used products for September. 
This daily facial cleanser helps to gently buff away dead skin and leaves my skin looking brighter, fresh and radiant. I have been pairing this up with my Foreo Luna Mini. This dream team combination has really helped my skin and even with the cold weather my skin looks and feels more radiant and beautiful; i have been brave enough to go outside for shopping and seeing and meeting friends with no makeup.
This is a sample i received from my August mylittleboxuk; I have loved using it on both my natural hair and my weave. I have been using this since i opened it… it smells divine, helps to tame my frizzyfro and my sometimes untamely weave.
I did a mini review back in July and i must say that i’m still really impressed with this tool.I cannot stop singing praises for it. All i can say is get your hands on one, it’s a beauty tool worth having…. It easy to use, easy to clean and store, lightweight, inexpensive, durable and can be used in conjunction with other cleansers… click here to read my review…… Foreo have a new day/night cleansers that can be used with this tool…click here to check it out.
This was also a sample product i received from my July GlossyBox subscription box. I don’t have cellulite… i have stretch marks that only i can see lol cause no one else tends to notice these thing. So i have been using this on stretchy even though they are not made for use on it. I have been loving this, i can’t see major improvement yet but the cream smells great, its non greasy and my bum looks smoother…but maybe it’s all in my head.
This is yet another rediscovered favourite .. click here to read all. I have been loving this as part of my Autumn skincare regime. I love, love this product. It’s amazing. Its lightweight, easily absorbed, helps my skin feels and looks more alive. I have been using it with the Progenius Omega Treatment Oil, the perfect team.
What products have you been loving this month?

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