Ogle of the Week: #1

In my bid to revamp my blog and have a bit more fun with my weekly posts, I am thinking of creating a weekly series of posts dedicated to a store(s), blogger(s), magazine(s), famous face(s) etc. whom i have been ogling at and in my opinion have been killing it. The first ogle post of the series, is on a store called Reiss.
For me Reiss is a store that whenever, you look at their site or go into one of their stores, their stuff looks very luxurious, as if every every single fabric or material has been carefully put together to make the very best piece of item or clothing. When I see their stuff, I want to buy literally everything and that’s why most of their stuff is so much more expensive than your average high street store. So if you’re looking for a store or site to shop for that special occasion, go and give them a try.  Here are a few items from their A/W15 collection, just to show you what I mean.

One of the lesson I have been taught is to always cut my coat according to my size but it never hurts to dream!!
If you could, would you? Which store(s) do you feel have killed it lately?
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