Magnitone Lucid Limited Edition – Pixie Lott Unboxing

About three weeks ago, I received a lovely package which contained my Magnitone Lucid daily cleansing and exfoliation brush. When I ordered this product, it took about three days for it to get to me considering I paid nothing for postage and packaging. 

For those of you who haven’t heard about Magnitone before. They are a UK based company who focus on providing skincare tools which claim to give you a softer, brighter and clearer skin in just 7 days.
 I have been wanting to try this brand for ages and I mentioned them back in this post here! I opted for the Pixie Lott Limited edition. Although, they also come in blue, yellow, aqua green, it was a very hard choice but what can I say…. I love pink 🙂


The packaging is superb and the items in the box are well protected in the plastic casing, which one can always use to store it when moving. For now it is thoroughly being used daily so I won’t be storing it anytime soon.
One of the best things about this product is that it comes with an adaptable charger so you can take it on your travels or if you live overseas you can also use it. 
And the charger is magnetic which I think is so cool. It also comes with a protective cap and it is fully waterproof so for those who always seems to be in a rush, you can use it in the bath or the shower.
The brush head is powered by “active electromagnetic technology” and an “active clean brush head with spray guard bristles” which helps to unclog pores and sweep away dry, dead skin cells. The Lucid has two modes sensitive and deep clean. The deep clean mode for a more powerful clean and sensitive for a more gentle for everyday use. There is an option for those with sensitive skin to buy alternative brushes specially made for sensitive skin.
It beeps every 20 seconds, to guide you around your face and will automatically stop after one minute to stop you from over-exfoliating, which I thing is extremely useful. The Magnitone can be used with your daily cleanser to help remove makeup. After continual use, it should help make your normal face cream more effective and also give you a more radiant, clearer and softer skin. I know we all dream of walking out of the house with no makeup on so this is a start to achieving that dream!
A little thank you with £5 off voucher when I register my 12 months warranty, which I will be doing now. I can use the savings to get replacement brushes which they advice should be done every three months.
I was so excited to try this product and as soon as it, I had to test it out and as you can see from this post here I was not disappointed. Now am excited to see if my skin improves after 7 days!
Click here to find out more about this product on the Magnitone website.
The Magnitone Lucid costs £69.99 which compared with similar products is relatively a good value for money.
I will document my 7 days journey and I will write a post on the results…so keep an a look out for that post soon.
Have you tried the Magnitone Lucid? 
A message from Pixie Lott
“hectic schedules can take a toll on my complexion. Magnitone Lucid helps me get more from my daily cleansing routine and easily slots into my busy life.”

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