May Favourites

Can you believe that May has been and gone? I am very excited about this month’s favourites, I feel I have found a few gems that really stand out this month. I have had a really life changing month but as the saying goes “what doesn’t kill you make you stronger”. The fact that I have so much support I feel I can and will pull through whatever life throws at me.

I haven’t been wearing much makeup this month because I have been at home the last two weeks of the month. So, here’s a roundup of the things I have been loving and using this month.
One product I have been obsessed with this month is this curl serum. I recently picked this up on one of my recent trip to Boots and I can say that I am not disappointed. I have previously tried the John Frida Frizz Serum, which I love using to keep my hair in check. But this serum just does something for my wavy hair; it adds life, soul and body and it smells divine which is a massive bonus! The shine that serum gives my hair is just truly stunning and did I mention it smells amazing.
The only other product I have been loving this month is the Exposed Skincare Acne Treatment Serum. I recently mentioned this product in my review of the Exposed Skincare Body Kit (here) If you suffer from unwanted break-out or suffer from acne then this is something worth trying. It helped me with my breakouts and kept my skin clean and clear.
I have mentioned this little magical product in my past post here.  I have been meaning to try it out since I read so many good things. Finally, I had the chance to try one and I am really happy with the results so far; my face feels squeaky clean and feels extra soft after use and I haven’t been using it just under a week. A full review  will be up soon so you’ll get the chance to see pics and get a complete breakdown of my Magnitone experience. … the space!! 
I have only been burning three candles this month, but the Orange Grove from Wilko is by far my favourite and it smells incredible. I picked this up over a month or two ago on a shopping day out on the high street and I was really surprised when I lit it; it smelled so good and it’s very purse friendly as well!!
Now that summer is here and the weather seems to get hotter, I have had to stock up more on deodorant to help keep unwanted sweat patches at bay. I have always loved using Sure for women and now this little number fits comfortably in the good all bag. 
This is a great palette you should have in your makeup collection; it has five colours you will need to cover any type of skin perfection. I have had a lot of dark circles lately due to the lack of sleep but this palette has been my saviour, it covered those bad boys up and I looked like the bright eye babe once my face is all done up.
I have really be loving nude matte lips this month. I paired this lipgloss with my Rimmel Exaggerate lip liners  (I spoke about here)so my lips are not too light, just perfectly, perfect nude lips.
That’s mostly everything I have been loving in the month of May. I hope you have had an incredible month and that you have enjoyed this post.
What have you been loving lately?
Happy First Day of the month!!
Becky x

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