Eyeko Black Magic Mascara

Don’t you love that feeling when you find a new product that actually works! I was really excited to try this mascara because a lot of people have raved about it and I had to see if it was worth the hype. It’s bizarre how the woman brain sometimes works right!? You tell yourself I won’t give in, but one day the girly girl in you takes charge and buys things you’d tell yourself you wouldn’t lol.
Looking back now, I thought it wouldn’t live up to the hype and maybe a pure waste of money. Oh Boy! Oh Boy! was I wrong! The magic brush somehow manages to grab all my lashes in a swipe and gives my eyes life and drama all at once. It is magic in a tube and the results are insane. It gives me the length, volume, clump-free lashes with just one coat.
Oh my God I have nothing negative to say about this mascara as it does exactly, what it says on the tube. It’s like finding the perfect bra that goes with almost every outfit!
Clump free, dramatic, voluminous, eye-popping, sexy, seductive eyes which are sometimes a necessity when one is trying to make a statement. Personally, it doesn’t get much better this and Black Magic ticks all the right boxes. 
This mascara also comes with added long-term benefits, which is always great. It contains conditioning properties and is enriched with shea butter and keratin to help repair, protect and promote growth. Score!
Black Magic (here) won my heart with its smudge proof, long lasting properties for up to 12hrs. What made this one of my must have for me is the fact that it is water resistant as well. I must say that It is very hard to get off with face wipes. Fear not it removes with three or four swipe of my Simple Kind To Eyes eye Makeup remover (here). And I am not allergic to it. Winner!
Please use with caution 🙂
Have you tried the Eyeko Black Magic Mascara? Do you like it?
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