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Hello there! How are you today? With the sale still on it’s last legs, I did some online shopping about a two weeks ago.I ended up getting a few bits and bobs from the Topshop website. I know I haven’t done a lot of makeup or beauty related posts on here, so  I thought this might help. This is also my first ever makeup and or beauty purchase from Topshop and I love love everything I have ever bought from them so far.
Please scroll down and see my views on the recent purchase.
Matte Lip Bullet in Get Me Bodied-Purple
What can I say about this Lip Bullet…. it is meant to be matte. I feel this is more or less the same finish as the Rimmel London Lipstick by Kate Moss. 
What  I loved about this is the colour. I really like purpley colour and I feel it really compliments my skin tone. I have some many and I thought why not add to the collection lol!! I also loved the finish which is not too matte and drying, for me on my lips it felt kinda moisturising. One minor turn off; though, this Lip Bullet is easily transferred on the stick (I think it’s the stick). I hope you get what I mean.
How to use this product: You can use this directly from the stick or you can use a lip brush if you prefer.
Cream Blush in Afternoon Tea- Pink
When I saw this blush online, I thought to myself  yeah, why not! This will go really well with the make-up collection. I really liked the fact that it was a creamy blusher. This was one of the products I was looking forward to trying. I opened this the very same day I received it. As you can see from the picture, I have been using this. I really love using this as my daily blush lately. It gives me a very subtle yet natural flush on the cheeks once blended. It is not very pigmented for darker skin tone, so you’ll need to add a two to three more layers to see the colour on my cheek. 
How to use: You can use your fingers to apply or I use my real techniques blush brush (you can use your prefered brush to apply)
Mint Carmex Lip Balm

It has been really cold, snowy windy weather outside and my lips had started to suffer. I usually use my Elizabeth Arden Eight hour Cream on my lips (yes you can also use it on your lips). I wanted something a little more versatile that I could use with gloves on so I bought this. I like the cherry flavoured one in the tub. I like this  Lip balm  because helps to moisturise the lips and it also has spf… I do find the minty smell a little overpowering at first but I am use to it now.

 Waterproof Liner in Gunpowder – Gunmetal

I am literally the girl who loves her black eyeliners. I have so many and I keep wanting to buy more. I have the odd brown liner but no greys. So this was the perfect test product for me. I like it’s shininess and it feels really smooth when I apply this. This is perfect for liner for a night out or you could wear this during the day; It is so on trend right now. I can’t really say if it’s waterproof or not because I haven’t tested it for that soz.
I can’t think of nothing negative to say about this liner. For me it is the ideal candidate. It is easy to use, has glitters and is meant to be waterproof, what more can a girl ask for!!

 3D Curve Mascara – Black

How big is that brush? I have been loving using this mascara lately. I love how big the brush is and it is very easy to use and very affordable.
How to use: After curling your lashes, apply mascara on lower lashes and then apply on top lashes. This will stop your mascara from transferring on your lid.
Matte Nails in Double Denim-Blue

If you follow me on instagram you will know that I absolutely love this polish. It’s matte nails and denim blue which is totally in right now. Love it! Love it! Love it!!. Definitely worth a try.
Overall verdict on Topshop beauty products; It is very affordable, worth the money and I will recommend you give them a try. I will be buying a few more products to try out. 
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Waterproof Liner in Gunpowder – Gunmetal (here)
3D Curve Mascara – Black (here)
Matte Nails in Double Denim (here)
What’s your favourite new buy from Topshop?
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I have not received any payment for this post. All the products mentioned have been bought with my own money.  To see my full disclosure statement go to the disclaimer page.

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