You’re Removing Your Makeup All Wrong!

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10 Tips to get your makeup off

Hello my lovelies!! I hope you’re having a fab week? Today I will be sharing with you some of my tips to get your makeup off easily and quickly. I feel that sometimes the skin tends to be ignored because we can always wear bucket loads of makeup to help cover our skin imperfections. It is so important to me to help us all improve our skin health. I’ve listed a few tips that I’ve incorporated into my daily routine what a good way to kick off our skin health than at the beginning of the year. Check out my tips below, hopefully, this will help you meet your perfect skin goals this year too:

  1. Do take as much time to take off you makeup as you did to put in on
  2. Do use a makeup wipe to take off most of your makeup
  3. Don’t pull your false lashed off, gently apply benefit they’re real makeup remover or simple skin eye makeup remover to loosen the lash glue before removing the lash.
  4. Do use wash your face with face with a face wash (i’d recommend using Garnier Skin Active Clean+ Shine Control Face Wash)
  5. Do use a face brush with a moisturizing face wash to exfoliate the skin and help get rid of any makeup residue left on your face (I’d recommend using this Magnitone Pixie Lott Brush)
  6. Do wash face with lukewarm water to get rid of the soapy face.
  7. Do rinse your face with cold water now to help close up those pores now
  8. Do Moisture your face with your nighttime moisturizer (I’d recommend using Nude Progenius Omega Treatment Milk with the Nude Omega Treatment Rescue Oil)
  9. Do Make sure not to touch your face now because touching your face throughout the day will get those bad bacteria onto your face and this doesn’t help with face health now.
  10. Do make sure to drink lots of water because this will your overall body hydration.

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Just In- Hot Dresses For Valentines Day

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picture in Just In- Hot Dresses For Valentines Day post

Happy Friday Junior lovelies!! With Valentines Day fast approaching, I thought I’d do a post with some dresses for Valentines Day to help you in your quest for the perfect outfit. I picked up these numbers from NastyGal a few weeks back. NastyGal are always doing discounts and they have become one of my favourite stores to shop for inexpensive showstopper outfits. Sometimes hitting the high street isn’t very convenient and so online shopping is the best especially, when you’re looking for something different. I am so glad that online shoppers have the option of next day velvet dress from nastygal in Just In- Hot Dresses For Valentines Day postBecause the weather isn’t that cold anymore I have been able to wear some risky not so warm outfits. Autumn/Winter is one of my favourite seasons because we have Halloween, followed by Christmas and then Valentines Day. Sadly it hardly ever snows in London no matter how hard I pray for the snow 🙁 so that’s that. In other news with the weather being no so cold we will definitely be spoiled for outfit choices when Valentines Day comes.

I hope you’ve found this post very helpful in your quest to finding the perfect Valentines Day outfit. Please share your thoughts and comments below.

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Ooh baby, You’re So Fine

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Merry Christmas my lovelies, I trust you had a wonderful Christmas break? I am very sorry I haven’t been able to write blog posts lately, I have been extremely swamped with uni work and wasn’t really feeling motivated to write blog posts. So today I thought I would write this quick post to check on you and say hi. If you’re not following me on Twitter, Facebook and or Instagram please do so now because i tend to update them more frequently and Its a much more quicker way for me to stay in touch. Also if you’re not following me on snapchat do so now. I will be back to writing more blog posts in January 2018 when i finish my options for this term.all black outfit in Ooh baby, You’re So Fine

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In the mood for some motivation?? why not check out this motivational post here!! Or if you’re looking for some party outfit ideas, check out this post for some affordable party season outfit ideas. Have a blessed day and I will see you in my next post soon x

Stylist Live 2017

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mariama rebecca attending stylist live

Last Weekend, I was lucky enough to bag myself a ticket to the 2017 Stylist Live A Festival of Inspiration in London. And what an experience that was. I went with my two lovely ladies, Jennifer Amani and Priscilla Okpan from Kim Dave Designs.The expo was held at Olympia London, which is massive. There were a variety of talks for everyone but sadly I didn’t get to see any other then including the one from Freddie Harrel from SHE Unleashed and Big Hair No Care. I actually went very late and I stood in the queue for the cloak room for over 45 minutes which meant that I missed most of the talks that bronze tickets holders could see.

And although I missed the morning sessions, I got to try out the BaByliss Smooth & Wave Secret. I tried Gordon’s Gin for the first time which wasn’t as dry as I thought it’d would be. There was food, there was clothes, jewelry(Discovered a brand called Emily Mortimer Jewellery) and there was even a catwalk show of the hottest 2017 Autumn Winter trends. Plus there was live music. I am sure I didn’t get to see everything because by 2 pm that Saturday Olympia was packed full of people and it was hard to move so we left to get away from the crowd.

Overall, it was a great experience. I had a fun day out with friends and with the bf who was there taking pictures. If i was to go there again, I will make sure I get there when the doors open. I also tried to vlog on the day and it will be on my channel. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out my latest YouTube video here and subscribe to my channel to stay up to date with new uploads.


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Fashion Trends for Fall 2017

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Hello there and welcome to another post of the season. Now that it is officially getting a little colder this is the time i usually tend to start looking at some of this seasons trends that I might enjoy trying. For this jumper and or keep the cold out season. I have been seeing a lot of warm burgundy reds, browns, yellow, white, greens. This winter looks like its going to be a very vibrant fashionable winter. I won’t always warm up warm either, I will be experimenting a little with my style. For me fashion is all about expressing ones creative side as well as ones emotion. What trends have you already been loving so far this season?

A Limecrime Haul

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limecrime utopia bundleWhen it comes to buying makeup, I am still a newbie. I am yet to find my perfect face or my signature look. Limecrime has been one of those American sites I have been wanting to try some of their products for ages. Whenever I visit their site, I want to click and buy everything especially now that they have added the unicorn hair colours as part of their range. I was lucky enough to have extra money and i thought why not treat myself to some new makeup and hair products. As part of this order, I actually bought kawaii, bubblegum rose and anime, unicorn hair colours. as well as the Venus Palette Bundle and the Utopia Velvetines Bundle.

You know the hair I have rocked since July 2017, well I used the kawaii hair colour to dye it. Though I must admit, using their products has been a dream. I have not been disappointed at once, the hair colours I used to dye the hair smelled amazing, and it left the weave looking shiny, healthy and bouncy.

I am aware that Limecrime is sold at some UK companies however, because their products are in such demands, it tends to sell out really quickly. That’s actually some of the drawbacks about liking US brands, it’s very difficult to find most of their products in sock in the UK and if you do decide to order from the US, you have to pay customs charge.Although, I didn’t have to pay customs charge for my Limecrime order and the order came within 5 days. It was one of the fastest out of country order i have ever received. Because I had such an amazing experience with Limecrime, I will easily happilly go back and order from them again and again.  I cannot wait to get my hands on some more of their products 🙂

Some companies are really bad with shipping, I have recently had issues with a UK company. They took almost three months to send me an order I made back in June and I have only received this order last week. I will be doing a video review of the initial un-boxing and overall experience which should be up on my YouTube channel by next week.


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Have you tried Limecrime product(s)? Did you enjoy using them? What other products would you recommend for a newbie makeup user?

When the Sun Came Out

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This summer was the most life changing time of my life. When the sun came out, I was made redundant which came as a massive surprise to me. This in turn started my anxiety attacks and panic attacks. Now I am in a better place and I am loving life again. I am about to start another great job where I am getting paid a lot more than my previous job and the people I will be working with seem so sweet and I cannot wait to start.

Although I thought I wouldn’t have made it through the terrible time, doing my blogging actually helped me work on myself and helped me focus on something positive. Having that time off forced to take time off and relax because for as long as i can remember all i did was work, work and I didn’t stop moving even when I was sleeping my brain was working. I haven’t eaten or slept so much in my entire life (mum calls me sleeping beauty cause I love my sleep). And now i am thankful I had something to focus on otherwise I think I might have gone a little bananas. During that time I even turned to God to pray for his help so that I can make it through my joblessness. Which is very rare for me but it is a thing I always go back to when I am going through a rough patch because I was brought up in a christian household and even if i would like to stop believing in God it is very hard to leave. I am what my religion call a lukewarm christian 🙂

Because I didn’t have a job I got the chance to try the pink hair I have meant to try since forever. I also had the freedom to experiment with my style a lot. During the summer time, I also found a man of my dreams who has been very supportive and understanding and I cannot wait to see what we get up to in 2018. Life is fun again.

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What are some of the things you thankful you had to do this summer?

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How to Style| High Waisted Jeans For Autumn

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During the autumnal months, it is not very cold so you can get away with wearing very relatively sheer clothing. As jeans are a stable that can be worn all year round. It is one of the most fun item to style because they go with literally everything. High waisted jeans on the other hand can be difficult to style. If you don’t have the right top or shoes you’re screwed. I have had these pair of jeans for a while and i thought it would be fun to style it as it getting a little colder now and this pair is very thick. I decided to pair these jeans with a slogan top i bought from Lasula. And because the jeans are very very long and I am very petite (short), I finished the outfit off with these black platform heels I got from Public Desire.

Welcome to the New Season

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Hello and welcome to the new season….. for Autumn is finally here. For me, this new season means it’s almost birthday time. Which then means Halloween and more importantly cozying up in front of a good TV show or movie with a hot cup of tea or hot coco. The new season also means time to experiment with my style again. Hopefully, it wouldn’t mean because its getting colder my style will become boring and dry. I love Autumnal colours. It’s dark and grungy and it only comes once a year. Plus autumn means winter. Winter means Christmas (lots of days off work and more time for a little R&R) and then new year.

For this season, I have seen lots of dark floral in the shops and magazines. But I am not always one for following trends so I might not indulge in the in season trends as much as i would like to. To celebrate the new month and season I was recently sent this dress from Boohoo to style. I decided to go for an all black everything outfit. And because my hair is pink, that colour was enough for to make the dress pop. And lucky for us the sun came out so we had the perfect weather and lighting to showcase this beautiful dress. I love trying different trends and I cannot wait to try some of this season’s trends.

What trends are you excited to try first? Please don’t forget to follow me on instagram for daily posts 🙂

Photographer: Charlie

Spread the Love

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Hi ma lovelies! I hope you’ve been good?
Its been a while since I did a video so I put together this one of some of my favourite inspirational youtubers. I am currently taking a little break from blogging of late, but I will be back with some more content soon. In the meantime, why not follow me on instagram and twitter for my daily rants and posts.

I hope you enjoyed this video and definitely let me know your thoughts! I’m going to be doing more videos so watch the space! Will try to upload once a week so definitely leave suggestions for some more videos because I will be reading all your comments!
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